The Master's Program in Canada is a leadership mentoring program that puts you on the path to maximize your Kingdom impact. Enroll and engage with marketplace leaders in a distraction free setting with one of our leadership mentors then change the world through your influential works of service.

LeadershipLearn in a small group of Christian leaders each quarter over a three year period from a Christ-centered perspective. You have excelled in business but to what reward... it is now time to prepare for Kingdom success and reap eternal rewards from the Master, Jesus, son of the living God.

Our mission: to prepare Canadian Christian leaders to change their world and build God's Kingdom.

By attending The Master's Program, participants take home resources, receive practical tools and experience personal accountability. Active participants in The Master's Program will:

  • Understand the value of a Kingdom leader mastering life attributes
  • Engage in Godly active leadership in close family relationship
  • Discover God-given strengths
  • Reveal God-honoring passions
  • Maximize God-designed potential
  • Experience freedom to dream God-sized dreams
  • Execute a plan to achieve greater balance, margin, and focus
  • Create and execute a plan to produce results of eternal significance

The Master's Program gives you a trail map to find your unique ability.

Each session allows one to get with other Candians who share the same situations in life, to be reminded of the important things in life, and to readdress some goals you have set.

Available in cities in Canada, The Master's Program is a unique, three-year strategic life opportunity for Christian leaders from the marketplace and the ministry. Via four quarterly sessions over three years, participants move through a process that brings the tools, training, peer-interaction and resources to help maximize a greater return in Kingdom efforts.